01. The military government seems determined to ignore the U.N. [resolution] demanding an end to attacks on refugees fleeing the region.
02. I made a New Year's [resolution] to take more time to relax this year.
03. The secretary [resolved] to report her co-worker's rude behavior to their superior.
04. Charles M. Sheldon once remarked that good [resolutions] are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately.
05. The U.N. Security Council is considering a [resolution] authorizing the use of force to protect the refugees who are trying to flee the region.
06. In order to [resolve] this conflict, we need to sit down face to face, and examine the issues together.
07. The President outlined a new plan to [resolve] the crisis in the Gulf region today.
08. Opposition leaders say the attacks against their supporters will only strengthen their [resolve] to overthrow the military dictatorship.
09. Someone once observed that more often than not, a gentle approach to [resolving] conflicts and attacks is the most effective.
10. The United Nations has passed a [resolution] demanding that the Serbs withdraw from Kosovo.
11. I'm sure that if we discuss this issue together, we can [resolve] our problems in a satisfactory manner.
12. Before Galileo's time, scholars tried to [resolve] questions of science by referring to authority.
13. I certainly hope that we can [resolve] our differences quickly.
14. Jihangir has shown a great deal of [resolve] in his determination to stop smoking.
15. The economies of both Armenia and Azerbaijan have been hurt by their inability to make substantial progress toward a peaceful [resolution] to their border conflict.
16. Ecuador and Peru's border war, which began in 1995, was [resolved] in 1999.
17. Successfully [resolving] a stressful situation helps people gain confidence in their abilities.
18. The talks were called off with many of the most important issues still [unresolved].
19. The matter was left [unresolved] because we didn't have any more time to discuss it further.
20. The union and management have agreed on most issues, but the question of contracting out remains [unresolved].
21. Until she [resolves] to quit smoking herself, there is nothing we can do to make her stop.
22. The voters perceive him as a decisive and [resolute] international leader who has no problem making fair decisions.

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